Why Get a Dog Walker

Why Get a Dog Walker

Did you get a new pet this Christmas. Are you now concerned because your new dog sits at home bored all day while you work? Bored dogs can become very destructive and can cause many problems. Along with that it can be unhealthy for your dogs. If you are struggling with spending time with your pet then consider getting a dog walker.

Quality time is important to your dog. They gain an attachment to the dog walker and over time enjoy the time that is spent out exploring the world. Dog walkers are people that you train to simply take your dog on a walk to the park or just around the neighborhood.

Along with an attachment and relationship with the dog walker, your dog will get some much needed interaction with other dogs. It can assist your dog in being healthier mentally and getting a bit of an outlet. Your dog will be so tired after his walk that he won’t even have time to consider tearing up your house.

It is also great for your dogs health. Just like humans, dogs need a certain amount of activity every day in order to keep their heart and bodies healthy. The exercise helps reduce your dogs weight and increase your dogs stamina and cardio health.

Obviously having a dog walker is worth the small expense. It can help your dog be healthier and happier. The half hour to hour that your dog gets to be outside, get exercise and spend time with other dogs is much healthier. So don’t let a busy schedule be your excuse for not getting your dog much needed exercise. Contact dog walker toronto for more details.

Hiring A Pro Dog Walker: 3 Reasons It Might Be Right For You

Hiring A Pro Dog Walker: 3 Reasons It Might Be Right For You

Having a dog is a great way to cope with day to day stressors in your life. Taking care of your dog can quickly become stressful in its own regard, however, especially if you work full time and have little time to yourself. Hiring a professional dog walker can help alleviate some of this stress.

Professional dog walkers aren’t bound by time constraints the same way you are, and can visit your precious pup whenever you need them to. If Rover likes to go outside every day at 2pm, they can with the aid of a pro dog walker. Beyond making your dog happier, these intrepid entrepreneurs may save your carpet from smelly stains.

Dogs can’t use the facilities the same way we can, and if they need to go badly enough they’ll go- right on your new rug or freshly cleaned tile. Having someone come walk your dog partway through the day can prevent these accidents and keep your home cleaner and more sanitary.

Have you ever come home after a long day at work only to be immediately accosted by your dog, full of pent up energy? Having someone come in and walk your pooch in the middle of the day can prevent your pup from immediately demanding a walk before you’ve set down your purse. Releasing some energy mid-day may also help keep your pet from playing with things it shouldn’t- like your brand new work shoes.

Overall, professional dog walkers are well worth their modest fees in order to keep you and your dog happier, and to protect your home. Try one today! or contact dog walker toronto near you.

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